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It's weird but good and I would like it to be a longer game
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I really enjoyed this and got the puzzle on the second try. The first time it confused and caused panic and i wasn't expecting it. if you wanna see my playthrough here it is! its the first game in the video. 

i downloaded it it but i cant launch it?????

really fun, please work on making it longer i would love that <3


Super weird little indie horror game. I would love to see something bigger built off of this game. 

Thanks for playing! Glad you had a good time


Gave the game a Let's Play and my feedback, 2nd game in this video, although I played this game on May 12th, I was looking for another 'short game' to pair it with, didn't find any til now 

Thanks for playing, glad you had a weird time!!!!

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Had a lot of fun! I discovered your YouTube channel after my playthrough and decided to throw it into a YouTube video! Excited to see what you do next!!! :)))

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!!!


Kind of weird in a fun sort of way. Trying to imagine a wolf manipulating those pieces :)


Yeah I was definitely going for weird, glad you had a good time!


you should totally turn this into a full game lmao


This was such a goofy good time XD  Thanks for sharing!


omg I love your thumbnail it's absolutely perfect

Thank you so much!


Well i was surprised i did okay!! and didnt rage quit!! LOL start at 4:25

Yeah you really lucked out the second time with the puzzle scrambling!!! Glad you liked it!


That thing walking towards you with that creepy music... looks hell of a scary

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cool short

omg thank you so much for playing!!!